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Historical Archaeology

The ARL has a number of staff experienced in the study and identification of historical archaeological materials. This expertise ranges from the 18th century through the 20 th century and encompasses plantation sites, free-black sites, frontier sites, urban sites, agrarian farmsteads of the 18th and 19th century, and military sites. We have worked with private foundations, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian, the National Park Service, The City of Knoxville, and various local County governments, as examples.

Under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Kellar DeCorse, the ARL is equipped and prepared to provide comprehensive consulting services including:

  • Section 106 Archaeology
  • Construction Monitoring and Emergency Archaeology
  • Surface and Intensive Survey
  • Assessment of Eligibility to NRHP
  • Full-scale Excavation
  • Urban Archaeology
  • Laboratory Processing
  • Analysis of all Historic Material Data Sets

Using our expertise and the Department of Anthropology's comparative collections of ceramics, bottles, window glass, and architectural materials, we can also provide dating of various classes of artifacts (i.e. ceramics, nails, window glass, etc.), individual features, or entire sites.

Faunal and botanical remains from historic sites may be analyzed by the ARL archaeologists Dr. Kandace Hollenbach, respectively and Jessica Vavrasek, and thereby provide a truly comprehensive site study.

Analysis and interpretation of artifacts include a focus on the Appalachian frontier, the development of urban settlements, agrarian lifeways and participation in the global markets, the construction and expression of local identity, public and private space, the effects of technology on local economies or any number of other interesting research questions specific to each project, which overall advance our knowledge of lifeways and cultural practices.

Historical GlassHistoric Glass

ARL Staff

Elizabeth Kellar DeCorse, Ph.D, RPA
Charles Susano III, BA
Daniel Brock, BS

Consulting Staff

David Anderson Ph.D, Historical Archaeology, Southeast and Caribbean
Charles Faulkner Ph.D, Historical Archaeology, Historic Architecture of East TN
Barbara Heath Ph.D, Historical Archaeology, Southeast, Middle Atlantic, and Caribbean
Walter Klippel Ph.D, Historic Caribbean and Classical Meditteranean Zooarchaeology
Gerald Schroedl Ph.D, Southeastern Archaeology, Historic Sites Archaeology in the Midsouth and Caribbean


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ARL Staff

Elizabeth Kellar DeCourse, Ph.D
5723 Middlebrook Pike
Room 237
Knoxville, Tennessee

Phone:  865-974-0220
Fax: 865-946-1883